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Temporary jobs

Temporary jobs are short-term or fixed-term contract jobs that are time-bound. Mostly, there is a high demand for employees in different industrial fields during peak hours, holidays, and when there is high traffic. During this time, employees who are in short-term contracts with AuzioCloud are hired by the employers for a particular period of time to meet the need of the hour. The temporary employees fill in these job vacancies adhering to the rules and regulations mentioned in the short-term contracts.


AuzioCloud believes that temporary jobs on a fixed-term contract are a suitable way for building and refining work experience in interesting work fields. These job opportunities aid in determining whether a chosen job field can be pursued as a long-term career in the future. Short-term jobs from AuzioCloud are essential in building the experiences required in long-term careers. It also helps in adding new credentials to the resume. Each employee can enjoy the privilege of learning multiple skills in different jobs while employed for a particular period of time through temporary jobs. It has the added advantage of eliminating any career gaps in resume

Employees who are in a fixed-term contract can work under flexible working hours which makes this suitable for individuals who are doing professional degrees or any other jobs. Getting connected with the right job providers is the best way to land jobs in interesting fields. Through AuzioCloud, each employee gets the opportunity to enhance their experience in new fields with various employers. With dedication and strong work ethics, there is a high chance for employers to transition the temporary job to permanent positions for excellent employees.

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What are the benefits of a temporary employment contract under AuzioCloud?

A temporary employment contract given through AuzioCloud enables the employees to work under an employer abiding by the rules and regulations provided in a fixed-term contract. With flexible working hours, employees can enhance their skills and expertise by working in different industrial fields through temporary employment contracts. It also aids in exploring different career options and building experience from multiple fields simultaneously.



What should a temporary employment contract include?

Generally, temporary employment contracts with AuzioCloud includes the following: 

  • Job title and position- The job title and position for which a temporary employee is hired must be mentioned precisely in the contract. 
  • Duties & Responsibilities- The duties & responsibilities of the temporary employee should be defined in the contract. 
  • Working days & hours- The working hours of the employees must be mentioned along with terms and conditions in the contract. 
  • Payscale: The salary to be paid to the temporary employee must be disclosed clearly in the agreement. The pay scale provided to the employee specified in the contract must be in alignment with the concerned labor laws. 

It is crucial that the contracts have a termination clause. The contract must explicitly state the terms and conditions on which the temporary employee can be terminated. 

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