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How AuzioCloud offers you a casual job.

AuzioCloud acts as an intermediary connecting businesses with workers who are seeking casual or short-term employment opportunities.

AuzioCloud establishes a connection with businesses that require casual staff across a wide range of industries including healthcare, hospitality, cleaning, manufacturing, horticulture, construction, and more. AuzioCloud works closely with our clients to understand their specific workforce requirements, job criteria, and desired skill sets

The nature of your work typically revolves around casual employment. You will be engaged on a casual and temporary basis, and the duration of your assignment can vary ranging from a few hours to several months, depending on our clients's requirements.

Based on the job requirements provided by our clients, AuzioCloud matches suitable workers from our casual staffing pool. We carefully consider factors such as skills, experience, availability, and any specific qualifications or licenses necessary for the job.

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What are the benefits of a casual employment contract?

A casual worker contract is suitable when you want someone to work for you but you are not sure of guaranteeing him a regular working pattern or how many ‘work-hours’ you can offer him in a given week. In such a case, you can specify a minimum working hour per week in the employment contract, with a mention that the working pattern and the working hour may fluctuate beyond the minimum working hour that is offered in the contract.

What should a casual employment contract include?

In general, casual employment contracts should include the following things-

  • Job title and position- The job title and position for which the casual employee is hired should be clearly mentioned in the contract
  • Duties & responsibilities- The contract should define the duties & responsibilities of the employee in no uncertain terms.
  • Working days & hours- The normal working days and hours pertaining to the casual employee must be mentioned in the contract.
  • Salary or wages- The salary/wage to be paid to the casual employee should be mentioned clearly in the agreement. It may contain the hourly rate on normal days and also on holidays, if there is any. The casual employee cannot be paid lower than the minimum wage specified by the concerned Indian Labour Laws from time to time.

It is important even for the contracts  to have a termination clause. The terms and grounds on which the casual employee can be terminated should be mentioned clearly in the contract.

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