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AuzioCloud is a trustworthy best-in-class employment service bringing qualified candidates and potential employers together in a single global platform. Our enthusiastic expert team understands the criticalness of job seekers and credible employers aiming to accomplish every job on time. We are committed and 24x7 in service to get people to land their dream jobs, connect with credible employers and establish valuable connections every day.

Vision, Mission & Values


Our vision statement embraces the values and beliefs which are an inalienable part of our service. We strive to serve our clients in a manner that adheres to this vision. At AuzioCloud we have a dedicated and well-versed platform that helps to offer the best service for casual, temporary, or permanent job seekers and employers alike and aim to be an all-encompassing employment service provider with a global footprint.


We strongly believe that the right job at the right time or the right worker at the right moment could make tremendous changes to our society in many ways. We strive to bring happiness and satisfaction in the lives of people through the apt employment they deserve while also providing the right human resources for employers on time. With a view to offering a dedicated employment service, we leave no stone unturned to meet the aspirations of employees and employers through the AuzioCloud platform.

Core Values

AuzioCloud also shares our corporate values publicly. We act with the utmost integrity and exceed expectations. Our motto is to strive toward excellence and to offer the best service for our customers. Investing in the talents of aspiring job seekers and providing proper support is considered to be essential if we want to make our workforce employable.

Director's Message

AuzioCloud has been established with the core aim of bringing more happiness to the lives of the people by creating a new value for the labour market around the world. Its structure is designed with an ambition to grow together as a team of partners, employees, and employers. Having a vast experience of over two decades in the diverse field of employment and allied services, I strongly believe that getting a suitable job is vital to building a prosperous life.

So, as far as AuzioCloud is concerned, lending a helping hand in finding a suitable job and finding the right candidate for the job is regarded to be a divine service for humanity. As an individual, I was born and brought up in a nondescript village in Kerala, India as a typical family-oriented person. I was lucky enough to find my first employment when I was 20 years old and easily found different jobs before I settled in Australia. Since my first employment, I have noticed that the people around me were struggling to find suitable jobs for thriving in their families.

The reason for being a founder of AuzioCloud is the hurdles that I have faced in my life as an unemployed person, which made me take the decision to be a new entrepreneur helping the people in the field. I believe that AuzioCloud will be an incredible gift for people who want to work and who want workers. The aim of AuzioCloud is to be the world's number one employment services agency.

Abhilash Pushpanathan
Founder & CEO, AuzioCloud
Meet Our Team
Anjana Abhilash Co-Founder & Director, AuzioCloud info@auziocloud.com
Jojo Mathew
Jojo Mathew Consultant Partner - VIC jojo@auziocloud.com
Akhil Thankachan
Akhil Thankachan Consultant Partner - VIC akhil@auziocloud.com
Shiny James - RN
Shiny James - RN Consultant Partner - VIC shiny@auziocloud.com
Molly Kurian
Molly Kurian - RN Consultant Partner - VIC molly@auziocloud.com
Sanjai Sasi
Sanjai Sasi Consultant Partner - VIC sanjai@auziocloud.com

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